LED Light Therapy

What is LED Light Therapy?
The energy delivered by the red light emitting diodes (LEDs) enhances cellular metabolism. This in turn stimulates the body to build new collagen, increases circulation, and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. The result is younger, healthier looking skin. Is there proof that this technology works? Clinical studies, scientific and medical research, independent testing and patient testimonials exist to prove the efficacy of Light-Therapy. Research conducted by NASA’s space program has proven that near-infrared LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.

Are there any adverse effects from this treatment?
No. This treatment has no adverse reactions and no down-time. LED-emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk” due to the fact that they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure.

Is the process abrasive or painful?
No. A LED treatment is a gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment.

What is the recommended schedule for the LED Facial Series?
Depending on age and the condition of the skin, the manufacturer recommends a series of 8-15 treatments done weekly or bi-weekly, followed by regular monthly maintenance. Your skin specialist will help you determine how many initial treatments will be most beneficial.

Do I need maintenance treatments?
Yes. Maintenance treatments are important in order to maintain your visible results. Usually a once a month treatment is recommended, unless otherwise determined by your skin care specialist.

How soon can I expect to see results?
The skin looks different after the first treatment: smoother and more hydrated with a natural radiant glow. However, since the device is essentially stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, the most visible results are not immediate. Instead, results occur gradually over several weeks. With each treatment you will see improvement. And an effective home care regimen will be recommended that will further enhance your results.

Can I go out in the sun after this treatment?
Yes, the treatment does not increase photo-sensitivity. It is recommended that you apply a broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen every day. Sunscreen is applied after every treatment.
• Acne treatment
• Anti-aging, skin rejuvenation • Improving lymph circulation
• Reducing fine lines,wrinkles,stretch marks
• Curing skin diseases
• Anti-hair-loss treatment and Hair Regrowth treatment
• Curing skin diseases
• Accelerating skin absorption of cosmetics

Red LED: Red light is effective in healing , deep tissue healing, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and improvement of skin texture. Red light induces a mild inflammation of skin cells and set up an immune response that helps to activate and regenerate skin cells. This helps to rejuvenate and heal the skin.

Blue LED: Blue light is effective in treating acne. Blue light LED photo rejuvenation has an effect on the bacteria that is the root cause of acne. Blue light produces free radicals that kill the bacteria., thus stopping the cycle at its cause.

Yellow LED: Yellow light LED suitable for Asian or darker skin. Yellow light LED photo rejuvenation decreases inflammation by encouraging circulation and boosting the body’s own immune system, and increases hydration, leaving smoother looking skin. 

For optimal results we highly recommended LED light therapy combined with Microdermabrasion. This prepares the skin by exfoliation, breaking down the barrier allowing the LED light to penetrate into the dermis more effectively.